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Christmas 2019 Ordering

We're working overtime this year! We'll ensure any Australian orders placed by the end of Sunday the 15th of December arrive in time for Christmas!

A new look for Foote and Flame

The same Foote and Flame, but with a new look.

A new logo

The original Foote and Flame logo was sharp and accurate, like the laser cutter we use to make our items. But as we create more products, we use the laser cutter to create items that flow into our lives, and the old logo is now a sharp adjunct to this. So it was time for a new logo!

The same products!

Our product range is still the same, and expanding as we learn more and try new things. We're just as excited and passionate about Foote and Flame as we were when we started, if not more so - and busy with a lot of new products in development!

Thankyou to our supporters

Thankyou to everyone who has made our business possible - we love you all! You are the reason we are creating these items, and we love to hear from you.