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Christmas 2019 Ordering

We're working overtime this year! We'll ensure any Australian orders placed by the end of Sunday the 15th of December arrive in time for Christmas!

Lay-Z and Pew-oncé

Our recent Facebook and Instagram competition has yielded names for our laser cutters!

No names yet?

No, we didn't name our laser cutters previously! A bit of an oversight, and also a lack of inspiration on what to call them. So how do we fix this? Ask our followers what we should call them!

Hello to Lay-Z and Pew-Oncé

Our winner suggested these names on Facebook - and it was unanimous with our judges!

Which one is which?

The existing laser cutter is now Lay-Z and our new laser cutter, due in a few weeks time, will be Pew-oncé.

Watch this space!

Lay-Z has been, and will continue to be an excellent machine and will continue to create amazing items for our customers! Pew-oncé is very similar to Lay-Z, but comes with some extra attachments that will allow us to create some new and exciting products!