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Christmas 2019 Ordering

We're working overtime this year! We'll ensure any Australian orders placed by the end of Sunday the 15th of December arrive in time for Christmas!

State of the Flame #2

More cake toppers... and we're suddenly obsessed with Jarrah...

New Products

We've been busy revamping our cake toppers section to make it easier to see and order our designs. As part of this we're also going to expand our range of designs weekly! We've added several new cake toppers this week, including this fairy cake topper!

Fairy Cake Topper

Updated Products

So we recently sourced a Jarrah veneer that we can use in a wide variety of our products. And this week we've gone a little crazy with them... we're going to roll it out as an option on our wedding table numbers and guestbook drop boxes, as well as our birth stats wall hanging. We've made up the prototypes and will get them photographed and live this week!

We are also working on a wall mounted version of our perpetual calendar as well; the prototypes are on the schedule for this week.

First Comes Love - April 2nd, 2017 - MosArts

We're going to be at First Comes Love next weekend, at MosArts in Mosman park. Check out all the details on the First Comes Love Fair Facebook Page.

Workshop News

During routine maintenance on the machines this week, our first machine - Lay-Z - reports that it's moved 312km in the X direction - left to right. That means it's moved the laser head completely across the width of the machine 260,000 times! Lay-Z does most of our engraving jobs, so it clocks up the distance on the left to right direction very quickly, due to the way engraving works...

So how does engraving work? Basically, the laser "scans" the item to be engraved. It draws a line left to right, turning the laser on as needed, and then moves down 0.05mm (1/20th of a millimetre), and moves right to left again. Then it moves down another 0.05mm and repeats the process until it's done. I will post more videos in the coming months!