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Orders placed after December 1st may not arrive in time for Christmas (except Perth metro)

The postage providers are doing an incredible job with the increased parcel loads they have! However, we're seeing delays. We decided to close off non-Perth metro orders on December 1st. You can still order with express post, but they may not arrive in time for Christmas. Please let us know if you have any questions!

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We no longer make this product, but we can adapt it and make a custom item just for you. Please get in touch to discuss!

Father's Day Desktop Fidget Gears

Dads always keep the machines of our lives running and moving smoothly. This set of steampunk desktop fidget gears will remind him!

Actually moves - turn the wheels to make the gears move! Use the handle on the large gears to get maxmum speed, or the handle on the small wheel for a more leisurely movement. The total gear ratio is 6:1. Embedded bearings ensure a smooth gear movement!

Scroll down the page to see a quick video of it in action!

Chop and change the wording as you'd like! We're happy to customise this one to make it unique for you and your father - or grandfather - or other!

The display is A4 in size, and comes with a wood base to slot into for quick assembly. Slot it in and start turning immediately.

The photos show Jarrah backing with white writing, and a gold mirror feature colour. Many other combinations work as well, but we feel it's hard to beat the gold mirror!

Key details for Father's Day Desktop Fidget Gears

We will send artwork for approval via email within 2 days of ordering.
Max Lead Time
One week from artwork approval (but generally quicker!)
Postage Time
2-8 business days, sent from Perth, Western Australia
Free shipping Australia Wide via tracked parcel
Sizing and Materials
See full sizing and material details

See it in action


We no longer offer this product generally. However, we make be able to make and customise it for you - please get in touch!


After ordering, we'll prepare artwork for your review, and we won't make it up until you approve the artwork. We're happy to chop and change the wording for you and your family - just let us know!

We can't change the size of the gears, but may be able to move their location to fit better on the board. Please let us know and we'll see what we can arrange!

Design inspiration

This is completely designed by Foote and Flame! I (Daniel) have always loved machines and representations of them, and wanted to make something like this for a while. It's a little bit steampunk in it's design - but using modern materials and bearings to make it smooth. The balance for this one was to make it complex enough to be interesting, which we feel we've done by having overlapping gears, and with the 5 internal struts on each gear to create intereresting overlays! But keeping it simple enough - just with a few gears - to simplify assembly and ensure it will work and move smoothly!

The prototypes were tested with our daughters, 3 and 5 years old, and after several weeks, the gears continued to turn smoothly and were not loose. They certainly enjoyed using the machine, often randomly walking up to it and turning the gears to clear their minds!

Materials and Sizing

The backing plate is A4 in size (21cm x 29.7cm), and made from your choice of wood veneer or gloss acrylic. This backing is digitally printed with your wording, and has a feature added in your chosen colour for the title.

The gears are made from acrylic, and have embedded bearings for the ultimate smooth movement of the gears. They're designed to either increase the speed - by turning the left most gear, the bottom right gear will move 6 times faster - or reduce the speed - by turning the bottom right gear, the left most gear will move 6 times slower. Using the faster gear, you can get up a bit of speed and it will take a good 10 or more seconds to spin down!

The gears are fairly low noise; they're not oiled but do not squeak. There is some noise during operation, but it's a fairly low rumble!

Everything is securely assembled with stainless steel screws and extensively tested before shipping.

The wood base is either a light coloured wood, or Jarrah to match a Jarrah backing. The base is 21cm wide, and approximately 18mm thick.

We also supply these in a calico bag for easy gifting and storage!

Lead time and Shipping

We'll have these made up and in the post within 7 days of artwork approval - but it's generally much quicker!

Kind words from one of our customers

I’m delighted with the birthday board and it looks great in my kitchen. Thank you