Foote and Flame create beautiful keepsakes and gifts for your home and family. We are a husband and wife team who just love designing things we can cut with our laser machine!

Whether you need something personalised with special details or are looking for a creative gift we are sure to have something that floats your boat. All of our creations are locally made in Perth, Western Australia.

We are passionate about providing unique items just for you. And, it helps that we love to do what we do - so we are keen to make you completely happy with your items!

How do we do it?

Our items are primarily made with two suitably large laser cutters. It's not only fast and accurate, but it's also got lasers!

Custom items

Don't see anything you like, or have an idea for something you would like? Please contact us and let us know, and we will do our best to try and organise something for you!

We can also help you with making your own products as well with our cutter. If you're currently getting laser cutting work done in the Eastern States, we can cut down on your shipping costs by doing it here in Perth. If this describes you, please get in touch and we can discuss.

Delaney and Octavia?

So no doubt you have seen plenty of images on this site with the names Delaney and Octavia. But who are they? They are our special little girls - who amaze us every day with something new, and inspires us to be better people.

Foot and Flame

"Foote" is actually a moderately common surname, however, for those who are not familiar with it, they often don't realise it has the trailing silent "E". We are used to this, and it's not an issue! Foot and Flame is not our business name though.