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Privacy Policy

At Foote and Flame, we take your privacy very seriously in everything we do, to protect you and your details.

Your custom items

Any information you enter for your custom items - for example, your name - is kept private. We will not disclose this information to anyone except you. We will not use any names supplied for examples or demonstrations unless we have a written agreement from you. Your unique name is yours and always will be.

Personal details

We only store your name, email address, and postal address once you complete checkout. This is required to actually get the items to you. We will not disclose your details to anyone unless supplied with verified legal documents requiring us to. We only use your email address for order notifications, and will not send you marketing emails after an order. If you want the newsletter, you will need to sign up separately for that.

The password you supply for your account is stored in a non-reversable hashed form. This means that we can not tell you (or anyone else) what your password is, although we can update it for you if you need us to.

Use of personal details

  • Unless you opt in for our newsletter, your email address will only be used for notifications about your order.
  • Your phone number will only be used to send follow up notifications for artwork for your order if we are unable to get in touch via email. It will never be used for marketing purposes.

Payment Details

We do not ever store credit card information. We use a well known third party credit card processor (Stripe) to handle all payments.

Facebook Messenger

If you should choose to use the Facebook Messenger integration to receive order messages, artwork updates, and shipping notifications, we will only use this permission to notify you about these items. We will not use Facebook Messenger to send marketing materials of any kind.

Other Questions

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.