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Terms and Conditions

I know, I know - this page isn't the most fascinating reading. But unfortunately, we need to lay down a few ground rules when you purchase from Foote and Flame. This protects both you and us, by having common ground before you order from us! We'd love to help you where we can - and we certainly will - but we do have to clarify a few points!

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please let us know and we're happy to answer your questions.

Approval required on artwork

For most of our products, we will send artwork for your review and approval. We require approval before we make your order. We will follow up with you via email and SMS to get your approval, and you accept that we will use email and SMS for this purpose.

If we don't receive approval within 14 days of your order, we will cancel and refund your order in full. We would rather not send you anything, than send you an item that isn't exactly what you want!

There are a few products that don't require artwork approval. For these products, we will place them straight into production for you and get them shipped out as soon as we can.

Refunds and Returns

As per Australian Consumer law, we generally don't accept refunds and returns for change of mind, as most of our items are personalised. However, we would like to work with you if you're dissatisfied with your product, or have changed your mind, so please get in touch and we'll do everything we can to help!

However, we do replace items that are faulty, and also items that are broken in transit, at our cost. You should receive the item you have paid for in good working order, even if the postage provider damages it.

Change of mind refunds

We may offer change of mind refunds at our discretion, however, there may be some fees involved:

Return refunds

In the case where the item isn't personalised, or can be returned to us for recycling or re-use, at our discretion, we will refund you upon receipt of the item back to us. You will need to pay the postage back to us. We'll then refund you minus our original postage cost, and the payment processor fee. The postage provider and payment processor won't refund us in the case of your return, and as such we have to pass this on.

If your item is personalised, it may be possible to recycle some components, although this is rare. Please get in touch with us and we will advise of what we can do - we'd really like to help where we can!

Refunds under our guarantees

If we make a refund under our guarantees - that is we miss your event date (see the other terms for this below) - we will refund you the full amount you paid us. This is the only fair solution to you, as we have let you down.

Items broken in transit

We are not required to, but we will replace any items broken in transit. We carefully package all items, including cutting custom packaging for many of our products. However, sometimes things do get broken in transit. It's our policy to replace these items broken in transit.

The Foote and Flame "in time for your event" guarantee

We're quick to make and post items - very quick in a lot of cases. So we offer a guarantee that if we miss your event date, you will get a full refund. However, it's a two way street - there are timeframes we just can't make - and we'll let you know as soon as an issue arises.

It's extremely rare for our guarantee to go into effect, but we need to have a few ground rules so you know how it works!

The guarantee is in effect if:

  1. You supply us with a required date during checkout. If you don't supply a date, the guarantee can't apply as we don't have any timeframe to work to! It's part of the two way street.
  2. Lead time is a manufacture lead time - after we've prepared artwork and had this approved. You must approve artwork before we can make your item. We will follow up with you if we haven't heard back on the artwork, and we follow up faster if your required date is close.
  3. You order within the lead time and postage time. The lead time for any product is listed on the product page. In most cases, we ship much faster than the lead time stated on the product page, so the lead time stated is a worst case - but our guarantee works on this time. Postage time depends on your location; we ship from Perth. For the purpose of the guarantee, the postage time is Australia Post's recommended longest postage time from postcode 6163 to your postcode. As an example - a cake topper's lead time is 1 week after artwork approval (7 calendar days, 5 business days). And say you're located in Queensland, one of the furthest destinations for us. Australia Post advises from 6163 to 4000 is 3-6 business days, so it would be 6 business days in this case. If you order 5 + 6 = 13 business days ahead of your required date, the guarantee applies. In the case of express post, the shipping time is 2 business days (based on us being just outside the express post network, sigh) so it would be 5 + 2 = 7 business days ahead of your required date.
  4. If you enquire and we say we will have it to you in time, then the guarantee applies regardless of ordering times. We'll generally do this in writing (via email if possible) so we both have a reference, and if we specify express post, then you must select express post.

There are a few things out of our control that unfortunately can not be covered by our guarantee:

We want to work with you, and in some cases we may still choose to provide a refund if some of the above conditions are not met. Just start a conversation with us as we're really keen to resolve any issues with you.

More questions? Contact us!

Kind words from one of our customers

"Fantastic quality! I ordered the family birthday tree for my mother in law for Mother’s Day and it was delivered in just a few days. So easy to put together with tags for names and spares for her to personalise and add too. Will definitely purchase more gifts from Foote and Flame in the near future. Thank you."