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Birthday Boards

Celebrate your family, and remember all of those birthdays in one go!

Celebrate Mum's love and legacy with a personalised Family Tree Birthday Board from Foote and Flame - it makes the perfect heartfelt gift for Mother's Day.




What are they?

Our wood or acrylic birthday boards are a fantastic gift for Mothers Day, Christmas, an engagement or wedding, or a housewarming! Or even just for yourself to easily track all those birthdays. Grandparents love these boards too as they can easily track their growing range of grandchildren. Our boards grow with your family; just add extra tokens as new members join! (Or leave, but we'll leave that up to you and the circumstances...)

Just let us know your family name - or opt for a more modern "our family" - as we know all families are unique in both naming and structure, but always full of love! Then choose from a high gloss acrylic, our one of our four stunning wood finishes. Finally, choose the feature colour - classy gold mirror is hard to go past, but we've got a large range of colours to suit your home or uniqe eccentric style (try the glitter options!).

The board comes with 30 tokens and a pen to write on them with. The white tokens are reusable, whereas the wood tokens have only two sides - so it's your choice in terms of how it will look and how you'll use the board! Additional tokens can be purchased online at any time.

Wood Finishes

Most of our birthday boards come in four different wood finishes, along with gloss white. (The exception is the Rainbow birthday board which comes in several fixed colours.) For the others, here they are!

Original European Birch
Oak Stain
Walnut Stain
Black Japan Stain

Beauty, Refined!

We launched our original birthday board back in 2016 - basically the same as our traditional design, but made from bamboo. These have been incredibly popular and now feature in many homes across the country!

Fast forward to March, 2020 - and it's time for an update. We've now got three designs, and have changed our materials to a gloss white acrylic, or a beautiful european birch veneer. We now print the text and add a feature on some designs, so you can customise it more to make it truly unique for your home and family.

And now more matching!

Fast forward again to April, 2022, and we've launched three additional wood colours, via stains on birch! The Oak stain makes for a beautiful, traditional brown wood. The Walnut stain add a stark red appearance to the wood. And the Black Japan stain gives the wood a stunning older appearance that fits in with many modern homes!

Do you have a previous version?

Don't stress! If you have a previous version, and need to replace it or need extra bamboo tokens - just get in touch and we can still help you out!

Kind words from one of our customers

"Amazing quality product! Repeat customer who will always buy my cake toppers here as never fail to look special, arrive on time and wow my family and friends."