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Fundraising with Foote and Flame

Would you love some of our handmade items for your school or organisation fundraising?

We would love to help with your fundraising. We have an online system that can collect the orders for you, making it easier to run and manage. We also have between 20-30% splits with the organisation depending on the product being offered - meaning more for your organisation!

These work really well for Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Christmas, or your sporting club!

How it works

  1. We set up a special website just for you, with your logo and some content, and an agreed set of products. There are no setup fees.
  2. You send people to the special website.
  3. People order online, paying Foote and Flame's portion of the value online.
  4. We prepare artwork, get it approved as per our standard process, and make up the item.
  5. Once the fundraising period ends, we ship all the items in a single batch to your organisation - no extra cost.
  6. You distribute the items, collecting your portion of the fundraising amount as people pick up the items.

We've set it up this way for several reasons:

Other special features

Sample packs

Once you sign up for fundraising, we are happy to send you a few samples to show off to your organisation!

Why trust Foote and Flame?

We are all about trust, and we earn that trust through honesty and delivering more than we promise. We have spent a lot of time refining our processes, and only offer products for fundraising that we have perfected.

We're passionate about making sure everyone gets the product they ordered and the way they imagined! So we always provide proofs, and require approval, before we make items.

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Kind words from one of our customers

SO happy with this product! High quality finish and I love the design :) I particularly like this product as I was able to personalise this gift to my liking and also see a mock-up of the final product before ok-ing it. Excellent service and I really like the consiseration of using recyclable packaging to reduce environmental impact.