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Wholesale with Foote and Flame

Personalised gifts are our strength, and as such are hard to wholesale! However, we're happy to make batches of our products for you - sometimes a little more generic, or even personalised batches - that you can sell on to your customers! We are also happy to discuss developing and making your own products as well.

Batches of the same product

We're very happy to discuss making a large batch of one of our products for you to wholesale. For example, a set of keychains with your choice of wording or design that you can onsell. Or maybe a generic set of medal display hangers that you can sell.

Our strength is in personalised products, but that doesn't mean we can't assist with wholesale! We're happy to discuss projects where you take an order from a number of people with personalisation, and produce them as a batch. For example, a set of medal hangers in a specific design, but with a unique name on each.

Designing and developing a product just for you

We have a number of customers who we've designed products for, and manufacture exclusively for them. In some cases they've supplied the artwork, and in other cases, we have designed the product for them from the ground up. We're very happy to discuss this opportunity with you!

Generally, when we develop a product for you, we make it exclusively for you, and won't sell it to anyone else without your agreement. We take this very seriously!

If we do design a product for you, and you decide to no longer use our services, that's no issue either. We'll supply you with the artwork and instructions to take your product to another company. We'd always love to continue working with you, but understand and are incredibly pragmatic about this as well!

We do charge a design fee to design a product for you as it does take some time! The fee is based on an hourly rate, but many designs fit within the minimum charge. We also have a small charge if you supply us with artwork from a third party, just to cover off our time to prepare it for our production systems. We'll advise of any relevant charges when you discuss your products with us.

Online ordering

If we do set up a wholesale arrangement, we'll provide you with a special portal online to order your products through. Order whenever it's convenient for you, in a secure way. And don't stress about revealing any details; your online portal is unique to you, and no one else can see your products or pricing.

Conditions on Wholesale orders

We try to be accomodating as we can! However, to cover off a few things, we do need a few things from you in order to wholesale in a sustainable way for our business and yours!

You will need an ABN to be a wholesale customer. We also have a minimum order value which we'll negotiate with you, based on your product and expected volumes of orders.

We're happy to chat!

Just get in touch with us and we'll do our best to assist you!

More questions? Contact us!

Kind words from one of our customers

"Amazing service, amazing response, amazing products… Would definitely recommend this company."