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COVID-19 - We're still going!

At this stage, we're still operating as normal, although no entry is permitted to our workshop. Pickups are via the after hours locker only.

New Product: Coffee Pod Holder

Brighten up your kitchen with this coffee machine pod holder - keeping the essential caffeine flowing early in the morning! Add your choice of wording and graphics; this also makes a fantastic gift!

Available in four different varieties to suit the most common machines, and either in a beautiful birch wood as shown in the photo, or a gloss white - sure to match any kitchen.

It's a personal gift

We can update the wording at the top to your choice of wording. Everyone has their favourite coffee puns, and this is an ideal place to show them.

What's your favourite coffee pun? One of our early prototypes had a todo list that read, "1: Coffee, 2: More coffee, 3: Third coffee". It seems appropriate for most mornings! I know, it reads somewhat like a Dad joke, but I'm not that good at coming up with clever wording. Past experience tells us that our customers are, though!

We can also add images as well! We're thinking a caffeine molecule for the science buffs would look amazing on one of these...!

It's not quite a new product...

This one is kinda-new and kinda-not-new for Foote and Flame! We've made something like these in the past with varying techniques. Our original versions were bling to the max - mirror insides and a stunning gloss finish. But it wasn't very practical - the mirror scratched easily, and the black acrylic shows fingerprints really easily. We discontinued these as they didn't meet our quality standards.

We did go through a version made from eco friendly bamboo. Due to the wood, however, we did have a few production issues with making them. (It's a long story for another blog post...)

Our recent addition of a printer, as well as experience with other products and newer materials, has given us the impetus to bring this one back to life in a new form! And we think much better than any previous version of the product.

Design features

We've elected to keep this one pretty simple, to be honest! It fits just 20 pods - four columns of 5 pods - as a nice balance between having the holder be a reasonable size, but hold enough pods for daily use.

It's designed to be wall mounted, again for pure simplicity. It comes with removable adhesive poster strips.

We make it from either European Birch, or gloss white acrylic. Most of our experience is with gloss white acrylic - which is hard to beat - but our recent addition of European Birch, as a smooth, light, beautifully grained wood still has us in the clouds.

View the full details

View the product below for the full details, including ordering details!

Kind words from one of our customers

Absolutely love the crossword letters I ordered with my families names, gorgeous quality and look stunning, highly recommended ❤️ however the width measurements supplied were incorrect. Stated 190cm width when purchasing and with paperwork when received, but ended up only being 120cm after using the placement tool provided. After placing based on these measurements and also meticulously using a spirit level to mount them on the wall, it ended up being uncentered so obviously had to remove them... an extra pain because the 3M strips I used to mount the letters ended up damaging parts of my freshly painted walls 😥 I suggest laying them out completely before mounting.