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New Product: Medal Display Holders

We love creating practical items, and our Medal Display Holders are certainly practical items. It's a beautiful way to show off those hard earned achievements, and makes a stunning gift.

We have a range of designs to suit many sports, or we can also design them from scratch.

Meet the new medal display holder

First, the practical part - how to display medals! They have a simple bar at the front that can be lifted out. Slide on your medals, put the bar back, and you're done!

But it also needs to be beautiful too! We use a simple graphic and name at the top as a feature, in one of our wide range of colours. We also print fine details - typically a poignant quote - onto the hanger.

A beautiful quote for a beautiful sport.
A beautiful quote for a beautiful sport.

Easy to use

We've designed these to be easy to add and remove the medals from. Just lift up the bar - it clips in very easily - slide on the medals, and slide it back into place. It's simple, secure, and scaleable.

The video below - set to start at the relevant point - shows how easy it is to use.

Revised and refined

These are not exactly a new product for us! We used to make medal hangers previously. Our previous technique was to make them from a single flat piece of acrylic. The hooks for the medals were then cut into the flat piece. This limited the hangers to just 6 or 12 medal hanging spots. Feedback provided to us was that it just couldn't fit enough!

We also used to personalise it with a cut out name at the top. While beautiful, and having a lot of impact, this was a weakness and was quite fragile. We really prefer to make stronger products that last much longer, so we discontinued the original version.

As Foote and Flame grows, we're amassing a large set of techniques for making things better and stronger, and the medal display holder definitely a collection of those techniques in one.

The original, discontinued medal hangers. They only had a limited number of hooks and were quite fragile.
The original, discontinued medal hangers. They only had a limited number of hooks and were quite fragile.

So much potential...

There are many things we can do with these hangers!

One idea - get a set for your club or team, printed with your teams logo and each players name! A fantastic gift for the whole team.

Or another idea... do a fundraising event for your team with these hangers. We make this easy through our fundraising system.

Did we miss a sport?

We're happy to design new hangers for any sport that you'd like - just get in touch with us and we're happy to assist!

Kind words from one of our customers

so in love with my daughter's name cut out its amazing! highly recommend these guys! also packaging was awesome 100% recyclable plus super protected 😍😍😍