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New Birthday Boards

Our family birthday boards have been incredibly popular since we introduced them back in 2016. They're a fantastic way to celebrate and remember your family birthdays and dates! We felt it was time for an update to these boards, to bring in new materials, designs, and options!

Three Designs

We've now got three unique designs for birthday boards. Our traditional style is very similar to the original design but with updated materials and construction. The two new styles - the family tree, and the simple board - round this out nicely.

The family tree design uses an intricate tree design. We know families are complex, but interconnected tightly - and the tree represents this well.

The simple design is - well - simple! And it's meant to be. It allows you to focus on what really matters - the birthdays that the board displays.

The Life Begins Design
The Life Begins Design
The family tree design
The family tree design
The traditional design
The traditional design

New colours

We now offer these boards in gloss white, or european birch. The switch allows us to make much higher quality boards, and also print on them as well.

We've also switched the tokens to use gloss white acrylic instead. These are more durable, and more importantly reusable - you can clean them and write on them again and again!

The other change for the two new designs is the ability to choose a feature colour for the name and tree. We love the classic gold mirror, but rose gold mirror on white is divine. Or, if you're that way inclined, you can use our glitter colour range too! The choice is yours!

Make it yours

We supply the tokens with a suitable pen. You make it uniquely yours by adding your special touch - your handwriting! And don't stress if you don't get it right; you can clean and reuse the tokens again and again.

We may be able to print on the tokens for you if needed - just get in touch and we can discuss!

It's all in the hanging

We supply these boards with self adhesive poster strips, so then can be hung immediately without any tools! The poster strips are two parts - a wall part and a board part - that also allow you to quickly remove the board - temporarily - to add and remove tokens. Then just push them back into place!

The board also contains a hidden keyhole screw mounting on the back too, if that's more your style for hanging! We don't include any screws or mounting hardware, but this is easy to get at a local hardware store.

An incredible gift

We're proud to say that there are a lot of homes in Australia that feature our birthday boards. It's an amazing gift for Mothers Day, or even Fathers Day. It works great for Grandparents too, to keep a track of all the grandchildren's (and great grandchildren, if they have them!) birthdays! This is always a challenge as the family grows and grows!

Kind words from one of our customers

Daniel was really helpful in putting through a custom order for me really quickly. Great customer service, great product. Thanks so much :-)