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Australian Floral Back to School White Board

$49.00 with free shipping
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Purchase 2 to get them for $5 each less (in any combination of designs and styles), or 3 or more for $8 each less!
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This double sided, reusable back to school board has beautiful Australian florals, to perfectly capture those back to school moments!

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Our first day of school whiteboards are made from gloss white acrylic, and the entire surface is suitable for whiteboard markers. Write on, wipe off, and use the board again and again. Absolutely perfect for those back to school photos; use it year after year to see how your child grows!

Multi discount! Order two boards for $5 less each board, and three or more are $8 less each board! The discount applies automatically in the cart to any combination of back to school boards.

Key details for Australian Floral Back to School White Board

We don't normally send artwork for approval for this product, but may do so if we want to confirm some details.
Max Lead Time
One week from ordering (but generally quicker!)
Postage Time
2-8 business days, sent from Perth, Western Australia
Free shipping Australia Wide via tracked parcel
Sizing and Materials
See full sizing and material details


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Australian Floral Back to School White Board - Without Marker - $49.00

Writing on the Board

Just use a whiteboard marker for these boards, and write anywhere on the surface! We don't include whiteboard markers, as most homes have them; but a local office supply store can help if you need some!

Once finished, you can easily wipe it off with a baby wipe or a damp cloth; and use it again! We recommend using something damp to clean the board rather than a dry whiteboard eraser. We recommend cleaning it shortly after use for the best results.

The printing on the acrylic is durable, but we recommend not scrubbing the printing extensively and focus cleaning on the acrylic areas.

Sizing and Materials

The board is exactly A4 in size, for easy handling and storage, and comes with a calico bag to protect it. It's made from gloss white acrylic, and printed with a long term durable ink.

Some of the print on the reverse side of the board is visible through the front; this is most prominent with bright light behind the board. It's rarely an issue as the board is generally held close when taking photos, but we do like to make you aware of this fact!

Layout of the board

On the monochrome design, the reverse of the board is identical, except with "last day of" at the top. The colour design has different images on the front and back of the board to better capture the spirit of the first and last days!

Generally, the whiteboard is sent exactly as it appears in the photo. We can change a few minor details - the labels for each box - but we are unable to change the position of the boxes or their size. As an example, we can replace the "Height" label with "Teacher". Just mention this in the notes!

If there are no changes mentioned, we will just make and send the board. If there are changes, we will confirm the artwork with you before we make it, and require your approval before we continue.


When ordered by itself, the board is sent via tracked parcel post for free, Australia wide.

Kind words from one of our customers

Amazing quality product, service was so efficient- I have used this company before and will definitely not hesitate to use them again. Incredibly happy with this product.