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We no longer make this product, but we can adapt it and make a custom item just for you. Please get in touch to discuss!

Imitation Credit Card

$15 upfront fee. 0% interest. No repayments for 18 years.

Terms and conditions apply. May not be accepted by most retailers. Issuer has final say over all transactions and may revoke card on a whim. Interest rate and repayments may vary wildly.

Not for children under 3 - contains small parts and not suitable for chewing. Please read all the details at the end of this page prior to ordering.

Key details for Imitation Credit Card

We will send artwork for approval via email within 2 days of ordering.
Max Lead Time
One week from artwork approval (but generally quicker!)
Postage Time
2-6 business days, sent from Perth, Western Australia
Free shipping Australia Wide via untracked letter post
Sizing and Materials
See full sizing and material details


We no longer offer this product generally. However, we make be able to make and customise it for you - please get in touch!

Imitation credit card?

So children are always fascinated by adult things, and rightly so! One of the things our daughter loves to do is take our wallet and remove all the cards. So we bought her a small wallet of her own and made her a credit card to go in it. And she couldn't be happier!

Materials and sizing

These are the same size as a normal credit card. However, they are made from either 3mm Clear Acrylic, or 2.5mm Bamboo plywood. These are quite thick compared to normal credit cards, but have been chosen to make them hard to break. They will be a tight squeeze into most wallets.

The clear acrylic version is quite sturdy. The bamboo plywood is solid but may splinter.

The text is engraved into the surface and can not be removed.

The Issued and Expiry date

So our thinking is that as a parent, you issue the card in the month and year of birth, and it expires in 18 years when they officially become an adult. However, you can choose any issue date and expiry length you would like.


As you see the artwork on screen before you order, we won't send out an approval - we will just go ahead and cut and send it to you. Please let us know if you have any special requests on checkout.

Lead time

We have a one week lead time on this item before we ship it. Often we will get it shipped before then, however!

Free postage

This item is sent out via untracked letter post for free.