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Stove Top Wood Boards

Sold out! Please contact us and we may be able to assist!

Expand your bench space when the stove is not in use with these heavy duty chopping boards!

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Just place them on top of the stove when it's not in use and when it's cold, and instantly access more bench space in your kitchen! It's also great to place pressure cookers or other electric cookers on, so they're under the rangehood too. Food safe and suitable for use as a chopping board!

These are made from laminated spotted gum panels. The spotted gum is very heavy and hefty!

Special offer - we have secured a limited quantity of the spotted gum wood for these panels at an introductory price. Once we run out of the spotted gum we can't source any more. Long term we'll find a different wood for these, but they will be more expensive than these panels!

Choose from two sizes - a panel to fit a 600mm wide stove, or two panels (approximately 450mm wide each) for a 900mm wide stove.

Pickup only due to their weight and size. Pickup is from our workshop in Bibra Lake and only during business hours as these don't fit into our after hours lockers!

Reusable for many years to come - if they get marked or scratched, either sand them back and reapply oil, or bring them back to us for reconditioning for a small fee!

We don't normally send artwork for approval for this product, but may do so if we want to confirm some details.
Max Lead Time
One week from ordering (but generally quicker!)
Postage Time
Not applicable - pickup only, sent from Perth, Western Australia
with flat rate shipping options shown in the cart, or pickup from our workshop in Bibra Lake.

Materials and Sizing

These are made from laminated spotted gum panels, cut down to size and then finished with a high quality, food safe chopping board oil. The panels are 18mm thick.

The version for a 600mm wide stove is 600mm deep and will be between 590mm to 600mm wide. The width variance is to allow us to make the most efficient use of the source boards which vary slightly in size! The panel will weigh approximately 7kg.

The version for the 900mm wide stove is supplied as two matched panels each 450mm (+/- 2mm) wide, as a single panel would be too heavy, and this also allows you to use one side of the stove and cover the other side. The panels are 600mm deep. Each panel weighs approximately 5kg.

We can cut the panels smaller for you if needed - the most common request is to make them less deep - just let us know in the notes!

Lead time

We currently make these to order in batches; at the most we'll have them ready to go in 5 business days. If there are any delays, we'll let you know!

Care and use of your board

You can use the board as a chopping board due to it's food safe finish! Wipe it down with warm soapy water and allow to dry. Do not clean it in a dishwasher as the board will have a very short life in that case!

Over time, your board will become marked and scratched due to it's use. But don't fret! If you're handy, you can sand it back and apply a food safe oil again and it'll be as good as new. If you have access to a thicknessing planer, run it through that to clean the surface.

Alternately, bring the boards back to us and we can arrange to sand it back and re-oil it for you - a small fee will apply and it takes a few days - but this can be repeated a number of times to extend the life of your board!

Pickup only

These boards are heavy. This works really well on your stove as it keeps them in place as you work on them! However, this means it's impractical for us to ship them due to the weight, so we're making this item pickup only from our workshop in Bibra Lake. The boards are available for pickup during business hours, as they are too large to fit in our after hours lockers! But get in touch and we can advise or assist.

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