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Unique and Custom Trophies

From $39.00 with flat rate shipping options shown in the cart, or pickup from our workshop in Bibra Lake.
4 interest-free payments from $9.75 with Afterpay or PayPal

Tired of giving out trophies that just get given back or never displayed? Let us create something unique and memorable for your event!

Unique and Custom Trophies - $39.00

Pricing Summary

Colours 1+ 3+ 5+ 10+ 20+
Clear $39.00 each $37.05 each $35.10 each $33.15 each $31.20 each

More information

For your sporting events, internal employee awards, dance, drama, or even school awards - anything where you want to give out a memorable award that's sure to be displayed proudly!

We will work with you to custom design something to fit your event and branding. In the example photos, we created these awards for the Mirror Class sailing association. The first image is actually made from a hand drawn sketch of the sailing boat used in the event - we took this sketch and created something unique from it for that club. It was well received by the club!

We can personalise each one with the event title and place. We can also add names too if you know them ahead of time, or leave locations for future personalisation which we can also supply.

If you're unsure, just get in touch as we'd love to make your trophies a reality!

We will send artwork for approval via email within 2 days of ordering.
Max Lead Time
One week from artwork approval (but generally quicker!)
Postage Time
2-8 business days, sent from Perth, Western Australia
with flat rate shipping options shown in the cart, or pickup from our workshop in Bibra Lake.

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Sizing and Materials

These are typically up to A4 in size, but the size will vary depending on your requirements and to fit the artwork appropriately.

For example, the Mirror Class trophies were designed with "1st" being bigger, "2nd" being a mid size, and "3rd" and the remainder of the series being smaller and the same size.

It's made from gloss acrylic to give it a beautiful finish. We then UV print on the back to add the colour and personalisation. It's durable and will last a lifetime.

The clear acrylic base can separate to allow the trophy to be transported easily in a flat form, and then assembled as needed. This makes the logistics of handling the trophies much easier and smaller!

Multiple Discount

As you order more, the price reduces as shown in the table above. If you've got really large sets, please get in touch with your specific requirements and we'll be able to give you a better quote. We have capacity to make large batches in short time periods.


The sky is the limit! Just send us what you have, and we'll work with you to create something unique for you and your brand, that will make an impact. The two examples we've shown here are barely scratching the surface of what we can do.

Standard artwork preparation is included in the price. This includes setting up a basic outline shape based on your artwork and adding in text. Depending on your artwork, it may require more work to prepare for the machines, and we'll be in touch and quote this if needed - but it is fairly rare.

After ordering and receiving the logo and other artwork from you, we'll aim to have initial artwork to you within 24 hours.

Adding Unique Names

Often, you may not know the name to apply to a specific trophy at the time of the event, as it's often done on the day! Typically, we supply them without names. However, we can leave spaces for, and then later supply small plaques with the person's name on it that can be applied to the trophy later on. These are an additional cost, but are available - just ask us about this and we'll arrange it for you.

If you do know the names ahead of time (eg, a corporate award), we can print this on the trophy when it's originally made - again - let us know and we'll sort this out for you!

Making it even more special and unique

The two examples we've shown here are simple in terms of they were a flat print on acrylic. But we can go further than this - adding gold mirror accents for example - or other colours from our range! The trophies can even be in a different acrylic colour. We'll assess what you send us and come back to you with our best suggestion as to how to make it unique and impactful for your application, and push the limits of our machines and materials for you as much as we can!

Lead time and Shipping

Once the artwork is approved, these normally only take a few days to manufacture and then it's up to the shipping time. Options are presented in the cart. During checkout, be sure to let us know when you need them for and we'll schedule it in appropriately to make sure you have them in time!

Shipping costs are flat rate per order and are shown in the cart.

Kind words from one of our customers

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