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We no longer make this product, but we can adapt it and make a custom item just for you. Please get in touch to discuss!

Wedding Guestbook Drop Box

Create a work of art from your guestbook at your wedding.

Choose two different colours of tokens. Supplied with a stand for display during your event, which can be removed afterwards for wall mounting.

Also great for baby's first visitors, Birthdays, engagement parties, and any other event where you want to remember the wonderful people you spent it with!

Key details for Wedding Guestbook Drop Box

Manufacture Time
Two weeks from artwork approval (but generally quicker)
Postage Time
2-8 business days, sent from Perth
Free shipping via tracked parcel


We no longer offer this product generally. However, we make be able to make and customise it for you - please get in touch!


We offer these in three sizes:

  • 30x30cm - holds 50 tokens.
  • 40x40cm - holds 90 tokens.
  • 45x45cm - holds 125 tokens.

Typically, around 70% of your guests will actually sign a token - many couples will sign a single token for both of them. We always supply enough tokens to fill your frame; you can fill out any additional ones afterwards and place them in the box.

The circle tokens are 35mm in diameter, and the heart tokens fit inside a 35mm x 35mm square.

If you have less guests, we will increase the token sizes to make them easier to write on. For example, if you have 40 guests and the 50 token frame, we can increase the tokens to 40mm instead.

Materials and Colours

There are a few material selections on this one - lots of choice to make this uniquely yours.

  • The frame: the frame can be cut in either black, white, or carbonised bamboo. All components of the frame will then be that colour. For the bamboo frame, some layers are made from black acrylic.
  • The tokens: the tokens can be cut from any of our solid colours or bamboo. We will supply a suitable marker for you to write on them with. Choose two colours, and we will send half of the tokens in each colour. If you'd like only one colour, or a specific mix of colours (eg, 30%/70%) please let us know in the checkout notes.
  • The name: the name can be cut from any of our solid, glitter, or mirror colours.

Struggling to choose the colours? Please let us know the theme of your wedding, and we can make suggestions and send out samples!

Frame cleaning and rearrangement

The back of the frame is assembled with screws. This makes it possible to disassemble the frame to clean the glass, or to rearrange the tokens if you should desire.


We will send you artwork for the name component in the bottom for your review, in the font you have chosen. We will not make your frame without confirming this with you.

Lead time and shipping

We will get artwork to you for approval within three days of ordering. After this is approved, we will have your item ready for shipping within two weeks.

This item is shipped via Australia Post, with a flat rate $10 shipping.